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This site gives you an overview of what you will have to do before and shortly after your arrival in Tübingen:

Before your Arrival

After you have successfully applied, the University of Tübingen will send you an extensive Infoguide along with your admittance/admission. You can find the same information in English under:


Please read this Infoguide carefully! Even though it may seem like too much at first, many of your questions will be answered there. We will try to give you an overview of some of the important points, but please do not rely on our information only! For more information please go to: www.uni-tuebingen.de/intrel.



As soon as you have received the Infoguide, you should start looking for a room or an apartment in Tübingen. We strongly suggest you rent a room in a dorm.
The “Studentenwerk AdöR” will help you with that: an application form is part of the Infoguide. It is very important to meet the deadlines, because if you apply too late, you may have to look for a room on your own. This is really difficult, because there are not many rooms available in Tübingen!
For further information go to:


If ever you forget to apply for a dorm room on time, you'll find some more info below.


Matriculation is only possible if you have proper insurance for the duration of your stay. You should get a certificate from your insurance at home if it comprises insurance abroad. If it does not, you will have to take out an insurance in Germany. See below.


The purpose of our program is to help you with any organizational matters and other problems you might have. So, feel free to contact us any time.

If you would like to take part in our mentor program , you should sign up before you even come to Tübingen. Only then your mentor may be able to help you from the start.
Please note: Registration for the winter semester (October-February) starts in July and for the summer semester (April-July) in February. You will find our online registration form here.

If you would like to be informed about our leisure time activities via email (without taking part in the mentor program), just drop us a line at StuditTuebingen@yahoo.de

Language Courses

If you want to take part in a German Language Course, you have to be aware of the deadlines, because the classes have limited capacity. For some courses, however, you can only register once you are in Tübingen.
For further information concerning deadlines, prices, etc. see your Infoguide or check out the following website:


After your Arrival

Welcome to Tübingen! The first few days will definitely be exciting with all the things you’ll have to do.
If you’ve already had contact with your mentor, s/he could perhaps pick you up from the train station (if you ask VERY nicely!). After that you can pick up your room keys as arranged with the Studentenwerk.

We strongly recommend you take part in the ABZ’s (Akademisches Beratungszentrum) “Beratungskurs” (for details and a registration form see your Infoguide). You will find further information at: www.uni-tuebingen.de/ABZ/english/abz_engl.htm. Note: Some faculties (like for instance Medicine) offer their own introductory courses. Try to contact someone at your respective faculty to find out about that, because those programs might be even more valuable to you. You can find a list of all the faculties here.



ATTENTION: If you were able to get a room through the Studentenwerk, you will have to note the following: You can only pay your housing deposit at the Studentenwerk office in Fichtenweg (WHO) and meet the janitor at your respective dormitory at certain (somewhat inconvenient) times. So, make sure you know exactly when you'll have to arrive in Tübingen in order to pay and pick up the keys. For that matter, you should know how to get to the Studentenwerk office and from there to your dorm.
You'll find a map of Tübingen here and information about public transportation here.

If you have not applied for a dorm room, you will have to find a room on your own, which can be very difficult.
From your home, you can try the following links:

Once you're in Tübingen, the youth hostel might be of help (www.jugendherberge-tuebingen.de).
Make sure to get a reservation beforehand!

As soon as you are in Tübingen, there are several other possibilities to find a room:

  • "Studentische Zimmervermittlung" in the "Mensa Wilhelmstraße" (the main cafeteria) - there, students and other people offer rooms or appartments for rent.
  • Blackboards - also in "Mensa Wilhelmstraße" as well as in most of the entrance halls of the different faculties.
  • Home Company - also in Wilhelmstraße (right by the park "Alter Botanischer Garten").
  • Again, "Schwäbisches Tagblatt" - the local newspaper, which offers rooms and appartments on Wednesdays and Saturdays (www.tagblatt.de)
  • The Studentenwerk also offers some rooms without application. You will find more information here.

If you need furniture for your room or if you just want to by a bike or the like, the flee markets in Tübingen might be the place to go. You'll find the dates here. Or you can check out the Wednesday and Saturday editions of the local newspaper: www.tagblatt.de.


If you do not have valid insurance for Germany, you will have to take out one before you matriculate. You can do that at the AOK insurance company in the Mensa Wilhelmstraße (the main cafeteria) for instance, which is right next to the student office (Studentensekretariat).

Matriculation, Resident's Permit, Registration of Address

After getting insurance, you can pick up the matriculation forms at the Studentensekretariat (Wilhelmstr. 11) right next to the Mensa.
Then you can go and pay your semester fee at the Universitäts-Kasse (Wilhelmstr. 26, office hours: Monday through Friday 8.30-11.30 am). You will find it next to the “Club-Haus” opposite "Neue Aula" (that's the law faculty).

When you have done all this, you will have to go to the “Bürgeramt” (Schmiedtorstr. 4, in the old city center) to receive your resident’s permit. You can find a list of the things you need for this at www.tuebingen.de).
Since you will have to register your place of stay (“Anmeldung”) in the same building, you can do that right there and then as well (note: this HAS to be done within the first week of your arrival in Tübingen).

With your university admission, your resident’s permit, your payment slip for the semester fee, your certificate of insurance, the filled out matriculation forms, and around three passport-pictures, you can – at last! – matriculate/register at the student office (Wilhelmstr. 11).

Student-ID and Internet-Access

When you have done all of the above, it will take about two weeks (or longer) until you receive your student ID, which will be a chip card that you can charge as a copy card in the libraries.
With this ID, you can also apply for access to the computer lab (Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung, ZDV). At the computer lab, you can use the computers for work, to surf the internet and check your email, and you can take part in computer classes.
You will also be able to use the computers with internet access in your respective faculty library as soon as you've got the ZDV login and password.
For more information see: www.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de

Note: Before you receive your ID and access to the computer lab, you can also use the computers in the main university library (UB) with your name and password on your library card. Unlike the student ID, you will get the library card as soon as you apply.

Important Addresses

Important: We cannot give any guarantee for the information given on linked sites.