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About Us

Here you can learn more about us:

Our Goal

We help international students with organizational matters, foster contacts between international and German students and offer leisure time activities in and around Tübingen. Thus we want to help you to have a great experience in Tübingen!
We offer:


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During our office hours once a week we can assist you with any problems you may have. Especially in the beginning, you may need help with things such as matriculation, organization of your studies, getting your resident's permit, opening a bank account, finding health insurance, etc.
Even if we cannot answer one of your questions directly, we will definitely be able to find the right contact person for you.

During office hours, you will also be able to register for certain activities, once the semester has started. You will find our office hours and the location of our office under Contact.

If you don't have time to pass by in person (or if you're still in your home country) you can also just write an email to studit@uni-tuebingen.de.

Mentor Program

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The idea behind the mentor program is that each international student, who is interested, is assigned a German mentor.
The mentors are volunteers who are students at the University of Tübingen themselves. They are personal counselors who may help you with questions you may have in the beginning and with adjusting to your new environment. The mentor will try to show you what German culture and student life in Tübingen are like: you can go to parties together, on trips, to the movies or the theatre, cook together, do sports, etc.

HOWEVER: Neither international students nor mentors enter an obligatory relationship. This is NOT a live-in program! The point is rather to spend some time together, get to know different cultures, and to broaden one’s horizon, so that both profit from it.

If you would like to take part in our mentor program, please fill out our online registration form.
Note that registration for our mentor program starts in August if you come for the winter semester (October-February) and in March if you come for the summer semester (April-July).

Leisure Time Activities

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Throughout the semester, StudIT offers a variety of activities to all students, for instance day or weekend trips, a pub crawl through the old city center, visits to museums, a monthly regulars' table etc. You will quickly meet many other international and German students. If you want to get an impression of our activities, check out our Picture Gallery.

If you feel like joining us, just come to our next activity! You will find the dates on our Program site. Even if you are not taking part in our Mentor Program, we can add you to our mailing list, so you will always be informed about the current program. Just send an email to StuditTuebingen@yahoo.de and request that you be added to the list.


The StudIT-Team consists of four students who work for the Office of International Relations, Department of Academic Exchange, at the University of Tübingen. The current members of the team are:

Benjamin Merkle

Benjamin Merkle

  • In the StudIT-Team since July 2008.
  • Studies: History and German.
  • Interests: Outdoor Activities, Reading, Cinema, Latin America, Skiing, Making Sculptures out of Wood and Punting Boat Driving
  • Languages apart from German: Spanish, English

Janina Zimmermann

Janina Zimmermann

  • In the StudIT-Team since July 2008.
  • Studies: English Literature and Theology.
  • Study abroad: Teaching Assistant at the Reigate Grammar School in Reigate, Surrey, England
  • Interests: Travelling, Singing, Theater and Concerts, Hiking and Nature
  • Languages apart from German: English, French

Cathrine Bitzer

  • In the StudIT-Team since April 2009.
  • Studies: Geography, English and German studies.
  • Languages apart from German: English, French

René Springmeier

  • In the StudIT-Team since April 2009.
  • Studies: Computer and Media Science.
  • Languages apart from German: English, French and very little Chinese and Japanese


In the summer of 2002, Vera Krey and Sonja Paasche both wanted to offer support to international students in Tübingen. Vera had benefited from a mentor program during her year abroad and Sonja had experienced the lack of such an institution during hers. As a previous guest-program had seized to exist, the Office of International Relations was grateful for their offer and employed them straight away. Their first activity was to create flyers and present their ideas on the Market of Possibilities on Dies Universitatis in October 2002.

Soon after, they were joined by Tina Horn and Suse Kröber. The four of them held weekly office hours, organized the first leisure time activities and created the mentor program.

In January and March 2004, Vera and Suse were superseded by Jochen Kopitzke and Kristina Koehler respectively. Both of them had taken part in the mentor program since its beginning. So, both of them already had some inside knowledge about StudIT, which was exactly what was needed for the job. Jochen's great achievement was to create a new website for us in the summer of 2004, which helped to make StudIT widely known. Kristina had already participated in the International Club of her American University, so we were grateful to be able to take advantage of her experience and knowledge.

Also in the summer of 2004, Tanja took over Sonja's place in the team. She came back from New Zealand with a lot of motivation and with her external perspective - she hadn't known StudIT before -, she brought many new ideas. One of them was the idea for a skiing weekend at Feldberg, Black Forest, so that StudIT nowadays offers both a summer and a winter excursion.

With their personalities, interests and experiences, all former members have offered important incentives to StudIT. Thank you all!

These are the former members of the StudIT-team:

Madina Klassen

Madina Klassen

  • In the StudIT-team from 2006 till March 2009.
  • Studies: Culture and media studies.
  • Study abroad: Reims Management School, Reims, France.
  • Interests: salsa, yoga, flute, hiking

Christian Schwartz

Christian Schwartz

  • In the StudIT-Team from 2007 till March 2009.
  • Studies: International Economics
  • Study abroad: St. George Campus, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Interests: tennis, soccer, volleyball, nature, piano, foreign cultures
  • Languages apart from German: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese

Peter Kliebhan

Peter Kliebhan

  • In the StudIT-Team from 2006 till December 2008
  • Studies: Sports, History, Geography, Spanish.
  • Study abroad: Valencia, Spain .
  • Interests: snowboarding, surfing, literature, hiking, nature, guitar.



  • In the StudIT-team since 2007.
  • Studies: International Economics.
  • Career abroad: 3 years at the Department for Foreign Affairs in Bonn, Berlin and Copenhagen
  • Interests: traveling, photographing, paddling.
  • Corinna was a very helpful collegue for uncounted funding applications and bureaucratic formalities, she was very target oriented and made us not miss the train on our Danube Valley Excursion. Thank you and all the best!

Sebastian Hübers

Sebastian Hübers

  • In the StudIT-Team since 2006.
  • Studies: Political Science (with focus on Europe), Sociology, English Literature.
  • Study abroad: Università di Pisa, Italia .
  • Interests: soccer, badminton, theater, traveling.


Kristina Koehler

  • In the StudIT-team from March 2004 till 2007.
  • Studies: American Studies, Rhetoric.
  • Study abroad: College of Charleston, SC, USA.
  • Kristina answered e-mails very quickly.


Vera Krey

  • In the StudIT-team from August 2002 till December 2003.
  • Studies: Business Administration (BWL).
  • Study abroad: Wilfrid-Laurier-University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • Vera had the idea for the mentor program, which has helped many international students to settle down and gave many German students the possiblity to make friends all over the world.


Sonja Paasche

  • In the StudIT-team from August 2002 till July 2004.
  • Studies: History, English, Spanish (teacher).
  • Study abroad: Goldsmiths College, University of London, GB.
  • Sonja liked organizing, amongst other things, she planned the first weekend at Lake Constance, which has become an integral part of the StudIT summer program.


Susanne Kröber

  • In the StudIT-team from October 2002 till March 2004.
  • Studies: American Studies, German, Rhetoric.
  • Study abroad: College of Charleston, SC, USA..
  • Suse liked to organize fun parties and trips to sports events.


Tina Horn

  • In the StudIT-team from October 2002 till April 2006.
  • Studies: American Studies, French, Rhetoric.
  • Study abroad: Washington College, Chestertown, MD, USA.
  • Tina greatly enjoyed helping everyone; she also modified the homepage with PHP in 2005 in order to improve work processes.


Jochen Kopitzke

  • In the StudIT-team from January 2004 till February 2005.
  • Studies: Business Administration (BWL).
  • Study abroad: ESCEM, Poitiers, France.
  • Jochen made our first own website and with his openness and cheerfulness created a great atmosphere.


Tanja Schubert

  • In the StudIT-team from August 2004 till 2006.
  • Studies: Cultural Sciences, Rhetoric, German.
  • Study abroad: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Tanja organisierte mit viel Elan und brachte dem Team bei, bei Präsentationen laaaangsaaaam zu reden.


Florian Warweg

  • In the StudIT-team from April 2005 till December 2005.
  • Studies: Political Science (with focus on South America), Geography.
  • Study abroad: PUC, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • Florian verstärkte die kulturelle Komponente im Programm durch Ballett- und Opern-Besuche.

Susanne Strobel

Susanne Strobel

  • In the StudIT-Team from October 2006 till February 2007.
  • Studies: French, Spanish.
  • Study abroad: France.
  • Hat durch Ihren schwäbische Charme unser Team sehr bereichert und hat uns mit ihrem Organisationstalent und ihrer offenen Art ausgeholfen wo sie nur konnte!